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#1 Posted : Friday, October 14, 2011 9:31:01 AM(UTC)

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 Can anybody possibly explain why both of the following commands:

fill  Blueishgrey (rather than Green and Red respectively).

[a posting specifying all the possible colours and their wording would be appreciated]

#2 Posted : Saturday, October 22, 2011 1:26:38 AM(UTC)

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I've never seen a list of colors, but try this: P1: FILLRGN(T1, 0, 1),ExtendLR,Brush#FF00FF00; P2: FILLRGN(T2, 0, 1),ExtendLR,Brush#FFFF0000; These region fills will plot between 0 and 1 if condition T1 (or T2) is true. The first one fill do green, the second will fill in red. Swop the FF and 00 around in Brush# to get some different colors.
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#3 Posted : Wednesday, October 26, 2011 7:05:34 PM(UTC)
Wynand Harmse

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We unfortunately don’t have a palette, but the code is quite easy to understand. The brush colors are based on the Red-Green-Blue color model.
The first two numbers after the hash (#) character represents the the Red intensity, the next two Green and thereafter Blue.

These number are hexadecimal, which means that
  00 = no intensity (0 in decimal terms),
  40 = quater intensity (64 in decimal terms),
  80 = half intensity (128 in decimal terms),
  C0 = three quaters intensity (192 in decimal), and
  FF = full intensity (255 in decimal).

Therefore, Red would be Brush#FF0000, Green would be Brush#00FF00 and Blue would be Brush#0000FF.

You can also (optionally) specify the overall intenstiy in the first two characters so that

Light Red would be 40FF0000,
Medium Red would be 80FF0000,
Dark Red would be Brush#C0FF0000,
Darkest Red would be Brush#FFFF0000 or just Brush#FF0000;

A full list of colors can be viewed at:

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